Ellen Levey is a seasoned organizational development professional with a special emphasis on leadership development, strategy and training. She has worked with small and large sized businesses around the globe and currently focuses on small and medium sized businesses. She has facilitated all areas of business skill training and compliance training. Her style is highly interactive and quickly develops an environment of trust and commitment in her courses.

Whether your employees are in the office or are gathered at a company party, they should be well informed of the business’s policies on harassment and discrimination and where to draw the line with their behavior. With this topic hot in the news and the fingers being pointed to many in Hollywood, sports teams and business, we can never do enough to protect our employees from this threat. In this seminar we will offer guidance on how to prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

  • 90 minutes
  • Small group sizes, no more than 12 people
  • $100 per person

Course goals

To identify the definition of harassment and discrimination under the law and how to allow employees to work in a harassment/discrimination free environment. To provide attendees with tools and strategies to keep the workplace compliant with the law.

What we will talk about

  • Understand the EEOC’s definition of harassment and discrimination
  • Know who are protected classes under Title VII
  • Learn the importance of training for all employees to maintain an harassment/discrimination free environment under the law
  • Acknowledge that harassment can come from vendors, customers as well as employees
  • Understand your company’s role in maintaining a harassment free environment
  • Know that retaliation against an employee who has made a claim of harassment/discrimination is ILLEGAL
  • How to conduct an investigation, write and store documentation pertaining to claims of harassment/discrimination
  • What is an effective training program

Who’s it for

Business owners, company leadership, HR personnel managers and supervisors.